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November 2017 Archives

Should you refinance your home after divorce?

Perhaps two of the most off-putting topics in the world are mortgages and divorce. Nobody particularly enjoys thinking about either one. Still, if you are going through a divorce and you are dealing with how to divide your home, these topics have probably been on your mind a lot recently.

Child support: Understanding the basics

Child support is a frequent component of many divorces. With nearly half of all marriages in the United States ending in divorce, and nearly one-fourth of all children born to parents who are unmarried, many parents will have to deal with child support at some point or another.

How and why spouses try to hide community property

Hiding assets is not uncommon. It can be done for tax or privacy reasons, but it can also be used as a weapon in divorce. Hiding assets can complicate the process for awarding child support and dividing property, often with disastrous consequences.

Timing concerns in marriage and divorce

Among the big decisions that arise for couples that desire to one day tie the knot is how long to wait to get married. How much time couples spend dating before marrying can impact many things. Research suggests this could include how likely a couple is to face divorce later on down the road.

Divorcing with teens: Addressing changes in daily life

Having a teenager in the home at the same time you decide to get a divorce has its challenges. Some teens understand and support their parents' decisions, while others begin to lash out or become depressed. As a parent, it's your responsibility to take care of your teen during this time, even if you think that he or she will handle the divorce well. There could be underlying concerns or issues your teen is avoiding, so focus on talking to your teen early to get through the divorce more easily.

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