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When married or getting divorced, the little things matter

Some might think that in order for a given gesture or action to have a big impact, it too has to be big in nature. However, there are many contexts in which seemingly small matters or gestures could have the potential to have significant effects.

One such context is marriage. For one, the small things can matter a lot when it comes to trying to build a strong marriage. As a recent Huffington Post article noted, research points to small gestures of love having the potential to be big contributors to a happy relationship.

So, when in a marriage, it can be important to give attention to the little things. Examples of small gestures that the article indicated married couples may find beneficial in building a strong relationship include, kind and polite words, having daily rituals together, being helpful to each other, thinking about the future together and small actions aimed at helping relief one another’s stress.

What small gestures do you think are particularly important ones in a marriage?

Divorce is another situation in which the little things can matter considerably. Among the things that could potentially have significant ramifications for divorcing individuals are:

  • Seemingly minor social media actions, such as posting something on social media about the divorce or their ex.
  • Seemingly minor mistakes made during divorce proceedings.
  • How seemingly small steps of the divorce process are handled.

These sorts of things could have impacts on how the divorce proceedings end up going and how able divorcing spouses are to have a good working relationship when working together on important things after the divorce, such as the raising of their kids. Guidance on what “little” matters it is important to give careful attention in a divorce and how best to address such matters is among the things divorcing individuals can seek out from divorce lawyers.

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