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Joint custody and household rules

Many divorcing parents here in California pursue joint custody arrangements when it comes to their kids. Among the things divorcing couples may find attractive about such custody is that it can give both parents ample opportunity to maintain a strong relationship with the kids.

When a joint custody arrangement includes joint physical custody, the two parents will generally split time having their child live with them. There can be many important details to iron out when it comes to having a child split time living in two different households.

How parents can make sharing child custody easier after divorce

For many parents, the continued well-being and stability of their children is the primary concern in divorce. It is not easy to address issues related to visitation schedules, parental rights and parenting time, but a fair and reasonable order can benefit the children for years to come. Some parents, either by choice or court order, have to share child custody responsibilities through a co-parenting or joint custody agreement.

There are significant benefits to allowing children to have regular contact with both parents after divorce. However, sharing the responsibility of child custody can be a challenge for two parents who may still harbor difficult feelings about the other. One way California parents can ease the complication of co-parenting is to share as much information as possible and be cooperative about the other parent attending important events for the child.

The impact of isolation on the elderly

Elder abuse comes in many forms. It can be physical, emotional, mental or financial. The elderly can feel very vulnerable, especially when they are dependent on others for care and assistance, and that puts them at risk when caretakers decide to take advantage of their situation.

If you only look for the traditional signs -- physical injuries, for instance -- you may overlook specific types of abuse. One example is isolation. When the elderly get neglected or intentionally cut off from contact with others, it can have a hugely detrimental impact on their health and quality of life.

Alimony payments to be taxed beginning in 2019

Many Americans are well aware of the new tax reforms under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. One detail of the law that directly affects family law and divorce is that money paid to alimony or spousal support will be considered taxable income, and those who receive alimony payments will not have it taxed as income.

This is a major shift in a law that has been in place since 1942. The law will effect divorce negotiations and modifications now and in the future. Various news outlets including the New York Times have reported that financial experts and family law lawyers are encouraging the wealthy in particular to act fast if they are contemplating divorcing their spouse. The divorce must be finalized by January 1 to get the old tax breaks. The change will amount to an estimated $7 billion increase in tax revenue over the first 10 years.

Tips for co-parenting during the summer months

The summer months are a time of happiness and relaxation for the kids. Parents, on the other hand, may struggle to find ways to occupy children’s time. This in turn can lead to a schedule of soccer camp, math tutoring, trips to the beach and the necessary transportation logistics that goes with these activities.

It’s a lot for married parents and becomes even more complex if the parents are divorced or do not live together. Planning ahead is always advised, but it is likely that some adjustments need to be made, particularly if this is the first summer where the parents live apart. Here are some tips adapted from an article that can help your summer go a bit more smoothly.

How to give your kids more time with a packed schedule

Before your divorce, you stayed at home and raised the kids. It was absolutely a full-time job, but it also meant you spent a lot of time with them. You could connect with them. Your daily routine was their routine.

After your divorce, you had to get a job. On top of that, you now have less time with the kids since you and your ex split custody. Furthermore, divorced life seems to sap what little time you have left -- even driving the kids over to drop them off with your ex is time you now spend in the car.

Kids sports and the divorced parent

Coparenting involves many challenges, particularly when the parents are divorced. One source of potential conflict is the role that sports play in the children’s lives and the potential choices of which sports kids want to play. As a rule, sports are great for children’s development but the viewpoint of the parents may differ widely. Some parents come from families place a high emphasis on participating in sports, while others may have emphasized other activities.

Coparenting youre your way through the decision

Wall Street exec to pay $4.1 million before divorce trial begins

Each divorce is as unique as the people involved. Some go smoothly with a fair and equitable arrangement, while others are more contentious. The Trafelets made the news recently when an appellate court judge in New York ordered hedge fund manager Remy Trafelet to pay $3.5 million in interim fees to his wife Lara. This is after $600,000 payment in 2017.

Divorces are often more expensive than people expect, but this large payment before the dispute is litigated is unprecedented even though the couple's estate is valued at $200 million. There are several reasons why this happened, and they generally fall into two groups of issues.

Yes, divorce will impact your finances

Your finances are going to be impacted during divorce, there's no question about that. However, the impact can be reduced, depending on your situation.

A divorce in the United States, based on 2012 data, costs $20,000. This includes legal fees and alimony costs, but the sticker shock is no joke. Most people don't expect to fork out that much cash to separate from a spouse. The good news is that there are ways to keep costs down.

Three Uses of Financial Professionals in Divorce or Support Proceedings

Many times we read about the use of forensic accountants in Family Law proceedings, to either establish the marital standard of living, or income available for support or to value the community interest in a business. However, that largely looks into the past for analysis; as counsel, I believe we need to let clients know that we need to look at their financial future, as well.

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