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How do you get a restraining order for elder abuse?

Dependent adults are usually elderly, disabled or mentally incapacitated persons who rely on others for their support. Just like young children, these individuals are extremely vulnerable members of society. If the person taking care of a dependent adult becomes abusive, for example, the dependent adult might not know how to make it stop.

Dependent adult abuse may take the form of neglect, abandonment, abduction, isolation, financial abuse or some other action that causes the victim mental suffering or pain. Or, it might involve lack of action on the victim's behalf, such as deprivation of things and care that the person needs.

How to avoid having your ex as your business partner

Not many divorces are easy, and they can be especially stressful if one or both parties own a business. There are some steps you can take to protect your company when your marriage is showing signs of breaking up. Plans to avoid losing half the business in which you've invested countless hours and utilized a myriad of resources will need to be put in place in advance of your divorce settlement. One of the most efficient -- and least expensive -- ways to protect a business is a prenup.

A well-drafted prenuptial agreement can supersede the community property laws that govern divorces in California, making it a powerful tool to protect your business. To make sure such an agreement holds up in court, the best strategy is often for both parties to have their own legal counsel when preparing and signing the prenup.

Recognizing signs of elder abuse

One of the most difficult parts of adulthood is becoming the caretaker of an elderly parent. As our parents age, our roles slowly reverse. Making the decision to move your father or mother into a nursing home or assisted living facility is very difficult. You worry about their health and safety, much as they did for you during your childhood.

It is important to take an active role in your elderly parent's life, especially once they have moved into an elder care facility. By being a constant presence, you can stay alert for signs of elder abuse that may be occurring. Knowing the signs of elder abuse can help you key into a bad situation and remove your parent. If your elderly parent has suffered elder abuse, an attorney with experience in elder law can advise you on the best course of action.

Who gets what: Property division in California

When it comes to divorce, there is no shortage of uncertainty. This is particularly true in regard to the division of property. Who gets what property during divorce proceedings can have an enormous impact on a person's life after the divorce is finalized. That is why it is always a good idea to have an idea of how property division is decided in California.

There are different ways to go about determining how property will be divided. Some couples will decide on their own, without the help of a court or judge. Other couples will not be able to make these types of decisions without a legal authority making a judgment. Regardless, a few things have to happen.

Three insurance policy considerations after divorce

Although divorce can bring new beginnings to the lives of many, it can also mean unwelcome worry about finances. One in five women falls into poverty after divorce and men, too, have financial hardship if they don't make a majority of the household income in a marriage, according to a study by Utah State University.

One financial consideration that is especially relevant during tax season is the cost of insurance. Health insurance premiums on the federal marketplace rose again in 2016. Donald Trump's presidency could bring further changes to coverage. Married couples can share plans, but after a divorce, you may find yourself paying more money for less coverage.

How social media could hurt your child custody case

Social media has become a place for everyone to talk about the goings on in their life and the lives of others. Without considering consequence, we 'like' certain pages, engage with articles that peak an interest, give into discussions with people we don't know, upload photos of our kids, post statues about parenting woes or anything else that comes to mind. The freedom of social media is overwhelming and can sometimes cause a lot of trouble during a child custody case.

An Incredible Arrogance

I have been giving a great deal of thought to some words of purported wisdom that I heard from another attorney a few weeks ago. She in her turn claimed that these words of "wisdom" came from her father, an attorney before her.

A Letter from My Father

My Dad is opposed to using the internet to communicate; he also refuses to own a smart phone, and considers texting a part of the internet.  We do, however, communicate the old-fashioned way, via pen, paper, and the U.S. Postal Service. 

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