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Early financial mistakes could cause problems for a marriage

What actions a person takes as they are about to get married can have some wide-ranging impacts on their marriage’s future. This includes how they act in relation to financial matters in the time leading up to the marriage.

Such actions can impact the likelihood of financial stresses and disputes arising within a marriage. For example, certain mistakes could make such marital stresses and disputes more likely to arise down the line for a soon-to-be married couple. Such mistakes include:

Caring for grandkids good for a grandparent’s health?

Getting to spend time with and care for their grandchild can bring a lot of joy to a grandparent. Might it also have health benefits? Research suggests it might.

A study looked at the death risk levels for a group of over 500 individuals who were 70 or older.

Addressing co-parenting concerns through technology

Post-divorce life can have its challenges for parents. Among these are difficulties regarding co-parenting. Examples of things a divorced person might be concerned about related to co-parenting are:

  • The possibility of major arguments coming up with their ex.
  • Whether they and their ex will be able to keep solid lines of communication open.
  • Whether they will be able to have the kind of relationship they want with their child.

How to find hidden assets in a divorce

While there is a lot that goes into the divorce process, many people focus primarily on one detail: the division of property.

Although you are best served to understand the entire process and how it will unfold, there is no denying the fact that you'll want to learn as much as possible about property division and what you can do to get a fair shake.

Divorce and retirement savings concerns

Financial shocks can be very impactful. They are also something almost everyone experiences in their life. This is what a recent study points to. The study looked at data regarding millions of Americans covering the 2008-2012 time period. According to the study’s findings, experiencing at least four significant financial shocks (with major annual earnings drops) by age 70 is something that happens to around 96 percent of working Americans.

Among the effects a financial shock can have on a person is that it can affect their ability to save up for retirement. One of the things that can cause a person to experience an income shock is a divorce. The splitting of marital assets and other money-related matters in a divorce can have considerable impacts on where a person is sitting financially. So, among the worries a person may have as they are getting divorced are worries about what impacts the divorce will have on their ability to save for the type of retirement they want.

Bankruptcy issues sometimes come up for divorcing couples

Among the things a person here in California might be facing as they go into a divorce are financial difficulties. Financial struggles are among the things that sometimes lead a couple to getting divorced. Also, a divorce can put a lot of additional financial pressure on a person.

In some cases, the financial difficulties a divorcing person is experiencing may be so great that they may wish to enter into another set of legal proceedings in addition to the divorce: bankruptcy proceedings. In some instance, bankruptcy may be able to provide a divorcing person who is facing significant financial problems with the relief they are looking for.

7 tips for documenting domestic violence

One of the biggest problems with domestic violence is simple: No one sees it happen. If your spouse is abusing you, you may know the truth, but what's to stop him or her from denying it? Then it turns into a he-said, she-said situation that can drag on and on and may never reach a fair resolution.

To avoid this, the key is to document everything. Gather evidence. Have more that you can take to court than just your word. Below are seven tips that can help.

The financial challenges parents of high school seniors can face

What costs come before a parent in relation to their children depends on many things. This includes the ages of their kids. Children of different ages can have different needs and expenses.

Some times of a kid’s life can give rise to a particularly high level of expenses for their parents. One of these times is when a kid is in their senior year of high school.

Special divorce concerns for victims of domestic abuse

What concerns a person has going into a divorce can be impacted by a great many things. This includes what happened to them leading up to the divorce. For example, when a person experienced domestic violence at the hands of their spouse, various special concerns can be present for them when they are divorcing their spouse.

As we note on our website, there are a range of special issues that can arise in a divorce for victims of domestic violence. These issues can touch on a variety of matters, including restraining orders, the kids, the family home, financial matters, spousal support and child support.

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